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We are dedicated to freeze,
select and pack berries.




"Our goal is to produce a safe product and frozen high quality for our customers"


Post-purchase processes fruit and the various processes in the cold chain, we get our frozen fruit species and different qualities. 


The main products our company offers are frozen berries.
Within this category there are a range of qualities such as: "Clean Crumble" or "Whole and Broken" among others, but the quality of frozen dominant in our production and with increasing demand in the various markets is the IQF Grade A (IQFA).


The main species in Berries IQFA be offered as the type and Cranberry Higbush or Lowbush, Heritage Raspberry, Blackberry or Navaho and Cherokee Camarosa Strawberry and Avalon.


For these and other frozen berries there are two general categories of packaging; the first format is a packing in industrial bags in boxes of 10 kg or 12 kg, and the second consisting of a retail packaging in bags of 1.36 kg, 2.25 kg, or other as required by the specific customer.



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